Volunteer Roles

Below are the types of jobs you could help out with at the clinic. We are always looking for help so please get in touch even if you don't fit any of the roles below.


We are looking for prosthetists of all levels. This can be knowledge exchange which can go both ways. You will have the challenge of creating quality prosthetics using local resources at a low budget. You will work directly with patients. A level of Spanish would be very helpful, but is not essential.


Working directly with patients you will literally teach people how to walk again. This is an important job which will give patients confidence walking with their new legs. You will have to come up with exercise plans suited for each patient and work with the prosthetist to identify any problems with fitting the prosthetics.


Spanish is essential in this role. Losing a limb is a traumatic experience, dealing with the mental trauma can be as debilitating as the physical loss. Ideally you will be qualified but we will also accept those still studying. This is a role we rarely fill so would be an opportunity for someone to lay the groundwork of what we do. Would be a great opportunity for a student project.

3D Printing Engineer

This is a relatively new project at Funprobo. We are looking for someone with prior experience in printing and 3d modelling. You'll be expected to research new solutions, implement them and document your work for future engineers to use . We would like to get to the point where we have simplified the process so that anyone can easily size, print and fit the prosthetics.


This role involves keeping out records up to date and calling and working with patients to capture details. You may have to investigate different way on improving processes or research new topics.

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